ATLANTIC - Management team

ATLANTIC - Managementteam

The success of the company is characterised by highly motivated and competent employees across the board. The management team at ATLANTIC includes specialists who exhibit a high degree of technical expertise, profound industrial knowledge and a tremendous amount of passion.  

Managing Director Sales & Finance - Dr. Marco Weber

Dr. Marco Weber studied chemistry at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and received his doctorate from the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research.

He spent several years working for Continental AG in Hanover, as the managing director of Maxdata Systeme GmbH in Aachen and as division manager of Moeller GmbH in Bonn.

He became the managing director of ATLANTIC in 2005.


Managing Director Production & IT - Mr. Dr. Sebastian Nollau

He then spent several years as head of production for traditional and high-temperature kiln furniture in the refractory industry. He became operations manager of ATLANTIC GmbH in Bonn in 1991, where he is responsible for production, purchasing, project engineering, service & maintenance, dispatch and coordination of the company's quality & environmental management systems.

Managing Director Technology, Research & Development - Mr. Pini Lahav

Mr. Pini Lahav has made his Master Degree in Material Science and Ceramic Materials, while his first degree was in Chemical Engineering.  Mr. Lahav was serving 10 years in R & D management mainly on ceramic materials and special advanced composite materials.

In the past seven years Mr. Pini Lahav worked as Director for Technology, Research and Development and as Quality Manager in an international company in the abrasive sector. In this position he played a major role in shaping the technological development of the company during this period and had numerous achievements both in Quality and Consistency strategy.

Since March 2014 Mr. Pini Lahav has been responsible for the sector Technology, R & D and Quality at ATLANTIC GmbH.

IT Manager - Mr. Michael Volkelt

After completing his studies in computer science and business administration at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms University in Bonn, Michael Volkelt joined our IT department in 1980. He became head of the department in 1983, at which point he assumed responsibility for all mainframe applications as well as for the installed network systems.

HR Manager - Mr. Werner Ferenc

After completing his commercial training Werner Ferenc opted to further his qualifications by studying to be an HR clerk. This was followed by an extra-occupational course at the economic academy where he became a Graduate in Business Administration.

Mr. Ferenc has over twenty years of management experience within the human resource sector for large and medium-sized companies.

He has been the HR Manager at ATLANTIC since 1994.



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